Friday, 29 November 2013

Nobrow Point of Sale Display: Bicycle by Ugo Gattoni

My university was lucky enough to have Sam Arthur from Nobrow come in and set us a live brief: to create a point of sale display for any Nobrow book of our choice. I chose Bicycle by Ugo Gattoni; his style of drawing was something that really resonated with me, I adored it. I also love London and architecture, so choosing Bicycle was really a no-brainer.
The wildly imaginative scenery in Gattoni's book was hugely inspiring, and I gave myself no other option than to attempt to create my own small scale 'mini-city' in Gattoni's style. I drew all of the buildings and details straight from Bicycle onto larger nets and after much, MUCH time drawing, I was able to assemble them together with my own little winding path and little cyclists (scanned from the book) and my model city was complete! 

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